This folder is very important for you.

Free Service:
You can download the folder into your phone to use offline but each time you have check for the new updates.
All files may be mash up with your other folders due to large numbers.
File may takes huge space into your phone.
Instant file searching from your phone is hectic due to more keywords.
File sharing takes huge data usage as you also have to send same file.
Limited times access per day.(Depends upon traffic)

Paid Service: 
All Plan Details::
Daily: Rs.10 per day
Trail : Rs.50 for 7 days 
Premium: Rs.100 per Month 
Silver: Rs.250 for 3 Months 
Silver Plus: Rs.400 for 6 Months 
Gold: Rs.600 for 12 Months

You can download this folder to use offline and we will inform you of your Whatsapp/Instagram/Telegram/Email/SMS (anyone) if there are any updates in a folder.
No mash-up file as you can see a clear list of folders in the grid or list view.
No files have taken any memory storage as it is online. You can download it also.
ET Assistant will help you to find out the specific file! Looks like magic! aabra ka daabra …
You can share direct file links to others.
Viola! Unlimited access.